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Welp. I told you guys I’d be finished with this one soon. I posted my book beginnings for this book yesterday and ended up finishing the book around 3:30 this morning.

I feel like it took me forever to read this book when in reality it only took me three or four days tops (I can’t remember exactly when I started, I’ll check Goodreads in a bit). It was one of those mindless reads that I blew through without too much emotion towards what I was reading. I wasn’t overly attached to the characters, and couldn’t find any fear when one of them was in danger of dying.

My interest in historical fiction entertained me when the characters lacked interest (which was often). This is one of a handful of historical YA books I’ve read so far this year, but I honestly think it’s my least favorite – which makes me sad because And I Darken came to me well-loved by a friend of mine. I think I may have hyped the story up in my head too much before beginning it, though. Because it fell short for me.

And I Darken covers the first 16 years of Lada’s (the MC’s) life, similar to The Bear and The Nightingale, which I read earlier this year and absolutely adored. And I Darken lacked the whimsy and fun that The Bear and The Nightingale was full of, which I think is why it felt so dull. And I Darken is not fantasy, and I can’t help but feel like there should have been something thrown into the storyline to make it more interesting.

I won’t say that I wasn’t interested in any way, though. And I Darken had some really cool settings and aspects – most of which I found in the Ottoman Empire and Islam religion that was a large part of the novel.

Overall, And I Darken let me down pretty bad. It wasn’t terrible. But it definitely wasn’t that great either. I originally rated it a 4 on Goodreads, but after thinking about it overnight I bumped it down to a 3. I was just interested enough to read the sequel… eventually. It won’t be anytime soon, though. I’ve got a lot of books that I’m much more excited to read.



  • YA Historical Fiction
  • Written by Kiersten White
  • Published by Delacorte Press in June 2016
  • 475 Pages
  • Start Date: July 21, 2017
  • Finish Date: July 23, 2017

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