I’m bad at this: A Memoir by Me

Just kidding. But really, though. I don’t know what in me decided I should be one of those posh, cheeky book bloggers with the sweet blog aesthetics. But here I am, once again writing a blog post about how sometimes I’m actually really terrible at doing something I love. So instead of continuing down this road, I’m going to turn off and go down another one and explain why I’m not always so great at blogging. Or doing much of anything, for that matter.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it in any of my other blog posts, but here it is:
Hello, my name is Rachel, and I have rapid cycling bipolar disorder, meaning that I fluctuate between manic and depressed often. In between being manic, and being depressed, are some relatively normal times, during which I’m fairly good at staying on top of all aspects of my life. During my manic stages, I’m even better at staying on top of things because I’m normally beyond hyper and productive (while also being very very irritable and angry). My real issues come about during my depressive stages. I find it exhausting to read or write or do anything really… I tend to sleep and wander around my house aimlessly.

On top of being bipolar, I also go to school part time, work full time, and have a boat load of other things on my plate that always seem to be perpetually in the way. I’m sick and I hate it very much, but all I can do is take my medication and show up when I can.

So this is me showing up. Thanks for sticking around ❤️


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