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If I’m being truly honest here, there were a million other books I should have probably read before this one. I know. But I chose to pick up Carry On by Rainbow Rowell because the cover was pretty and I desperately needed to read something because it had been far too long.

(I did read Our Dark Duet, but I did so right before a breakdown and couldn’t find it in me to write a review. In short, I was a little let down and irritated but will continue to screech praise at Victoria Schwab no matter what)

I read this book without being aware that it was tied to Rowell’s other novel, Fangirl – which will definitely be read as soon as I get paid and am able to get my hands on it! But my god was this book golden. Wowowowowowow.

Carry On tells the story of Simon Snow – the “Chosen One” who’s prophesied to save the magical world, and his bloodsucking wizard roommate, Baz (or Basilton, which I think is the cutest shit ever). They’ve been enemies for as long as they can remember (but they really can’t remember why), but in order to save the magical world they find themselves in a temporary truce… which leads to much more than a truce, that’s for sure.

LGBTQ rep is something I’m so excited to see in YA fiction, and it was such an incredible part of this story. I love love. So much. And this love story was years in the making, and you could feel that even though we only see the culmination of it in Carry On. I was also beyond excited to find POC rep in this book as well, with Penelope and her headstrong Indian family. This book was colorful and beautiful from cover to cover.

If you like romance, magic, and fluffy fanfiction – this one is for you 100%.




  • YA Romance/Fantasy
  • Written by Rainbow Rowell
  • Published by St. Martin’s Griffin in October, 2015
  • 528 Pages
  • Start Date: July 15, 2017
  • Finish Date: July 19, 2017

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