#Top5Wednesday – Side Ships

*Top 5 Wednesday is a book meme hosted by the lovely ladies over on Goodreads in the Top 5 Discussion group*

I AM SO HERE FOR SIDE SHIPS THIS WEDNESDAY. This is probably my favorite #top5 theme so far. This post might include some spoilers as far as endgame couples from novels go. So hopefully no one is too distraught if I spoil a ship or something. I HAVE NO SHAME, THOUGH.


T5W Side Ship #1:
Lysandra and Aedion – Throne of Glass Series

Guys. This is one of the ships on my list that I scream over. Lysandra is one of my favorite characters in this series (they all are, tbh). One of the huge reasons why I love them though is that they honestly remind me of my boyfriend and I. They constantly roast each other and tease each other, and my boyfriend and I are the same way. In fact, I’m yelling at him as I write this (lmao). They’re honestly just precious beans and I love them.


T5W Side Ship #2:
Nesta and Cassian – ACOTAR Series



T5W Side Ship #3:
Alucard and Rhy – Darker Shade of Magic Series

I absolutely adored Alucard and Rhy. I loved their complicated backstory and their attraction to one another. By the end of the series, their relationship was strong and full and made me so happy. Plus, Victoria Schwab’s LGBTQ rep with this couple was so great, too.


T5W Side Ship #4:
Elain and Azriel – ACOTAR Series

Alright. So this is maybe sort of an unpopular opinion. But the series discussed situations where mates with mating bonds chose not to be together or decided they didn’t fit well together or whatever… and I feel like this may be the case with Elain and Lucien. Because while Lucien is very interested in her, I didn’t ever get the sense that Elain reciprocated his interest in any way. But, I think she was drawn to Azriel for whatever reason, and I really really liked the relationship they formed throughout the course of the last book. I think they would fit together much better than Elain/Lucien. END RANT.


T5W Side Ship #5:
Jon Snow and Ygritte – A Song of Ice and Fire

So I got through 4/5 of my side ships for this post, and just couldn’t think of a fifth one. So I took to the rest of wordpress and looked under the #t5w tag to get some ideas. And this one showed up and slapped me in the face. Sometimes I forget that Game of Thrones was a series before it was a hit TV show – let alone that I read the entire series in the first place. And I shit you not, this ship wrecked me. I sobbed both times I experienced Ygritte’s death. I legit don’t ship Jon with anyone else, and probably never will.


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    1. That’s my problem!!! I adore Lucien and I want him to be happy but like… I just don’t know if Elain is who I want him to be happy with 😂 that’s what I think the next books will be about, too. I feel like it’ll be about Nesta and Elain, or maybe Miryam and Drakon

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