The Book of Whispers Review

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“How can so many people live spiritual lives and search for the truth and be wrong? Why would God allow this to happen?”
“You find the answer in the story?” I ask.
“We each have a different truth,” Brother Bonaccorso agrees. “But our differences don’t mean other people are wrong. We each feel only a part of the elephant. And think, God is very much greater and difficult to comprehend than an elephant.”

I’m not sure where to start with The Book of Whispers because I was all over the place with my thoughts on this book. When I say I’m a fan of historical fiction, I mean, I’m a huge fan of Victorian England historical fiction. So 11th century Tuscany wasn’t something I ever thought I’d be super interested in. And I have to admit when I first started the book… I wasn’t.

When The Book of Whispers begins, we find Luca at home dealing with his cousin – whose character reminded me of that annoying tag on that sweater you never wear because the tag drives you crazy. That was Narlo’s character in a nutshell, so at first, when I thought Narlo would be one of the main antagonists, I was disappointed.

The book was very slow to start and with longish chapter lengths, I was concerned the book would take forever to pick up. It didn’t. When more permanent characters came into play, like Suzan and Sir Mattiolas, the book became much more relatable and enjoyable as I began to see the different facets that made up each character as they interacted with each other. I actually ended up reading the last 60% of the book overnight, and finished it around 6 A.M. this morning – that’s how much this book picked up.

This book has nearly everything: Demons, war, love, magic… what else do you really want in a YA fantasy novel, amirite? The only thing that really bothered me was that I’m not a huge fan of first person, present tense writing, but with the quality of the story, I was able to overlook my preference in writing style and enjoy the book nonetheless.



  • YA Historical Fiction
  • Written by Kimberly Starr
  • To Be Published by Text Publishing in February 2018
    EGalley Provided by
  • 386 Pages
  • Start Date: June 10, 2017
  • Finish Date: June 13, 2017



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