Top Five Wednesday: Favorite Minor Characters

Alright, I know I’m terrible at keeping up with these posts. I really need to start buckling down and pre-writing these so I can schedule them to be posted for the whole month, instead of just blowing them off like I have been for a month and a half. *shrug*

So this week’s T5W covers minor characters! In the T5W group, minor characters have been described as less than a sidekick or side character. So, just a smidge lower on the character pyramid. This is going to be difficult, but I’ll give it a go.




T5W Minor Character #1:
Ella Malikov – Gemina (Illuminae Files_2)

I keep going back and forth on whether or not Ella is a minor character. Ultimately, I decided she sat just outside the realm of a side character, so I threw her into this list. Ella is a special, special character. She presents a form of representation that you rarely see in novels at all – Ella’s handicapped. She’s missing her legs due to an illness as a child. She’s also a hacker. She the cutest little thing, and also super fierce and fearless. She was definitely one of my favorite characters in Gemina.


T5W Minor Character #2:
The Suriel – ACOTAR series

OH GOD. That’s all I’m saying just in case anyone reading this hasn’t finished the entire ACOTAR series. The Suriel was my favorite thing. I adore spooky monsters in novels, and I adore them more when they become friends with the protagonist. Which is exactly what happened with Feyre and The Suriel. There’s something really cute about his obsession with cloaks. He’s the cutest little monster ever.


T5W Minor Character #3:
Astrid – ToG series

Astrid is Manon’s second in command of the Thirteen, and she’s the best. She’s a badass witch with a dark and sad backstory. She lives in a world where feelings are discouraged, and it’s her ability to feel that changes Manon’s life and ultimately the course of the Thirteen’s side story. If it weren’t for Astrid, I don’t think Manon’s story would have joined the main storyline. (I’m trying so hard not to ruin stuff, but these books are a couple of years old at this point – so I don’t think I’m spoiling much for too many people). At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of the witches’ storyline, but I’ve become so attached to it over the course of the last three books in the series and I just want Astrid to be happy dammit.


T5W Minor Character #4:
Mister Kindly – The Nevernight Chronicles

What’s not to love about a sarcastic cat made of shadows? Mister Kindly is the best little asshole cat ever. He’s a product of Mia’s power, that will be further explored in the next books, I’m sure. He’s been with Mia since the death of her family as a child, and he’s literally been her only friend for a long time. I’m actually planning on getting a Mister Kindly tattoo as a part of my bookish half-sleeve I’m planning on getting at some point in the near future!


T5W Minor Character #5:
Jessica Stanley – The Twilight Saga

I have a special place in my heart for Jessica Stanley. A special place, which, has only grown more special as I’ve gotten older and realized what a terrible story Twilight is. Do I still love it? So much. Do I still read it? Yes, but don’t tell anyone. Jessica was the only one whose emotion throughout the entire series was just a long line of “????????????” Like, that was literally Jessica the whole time. She was a judgy, real person. I am Jessica.


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