A Court of Wings and Ruin Review



Alright friends. So I had to take a couple of days (weeks, whoops) to process this one before I wrote my review, because of the GRIEF I feel over the end of this series. It was so much more than I expected it to be, and I was so proud of SJM doing her homework and putting in an effort to include more diversity in her normally vanilla novels. ACOWAR wasn’t perfect in the way of diversity by any means. But, it was much closer than the other novels in the ACOTAR series. We saw the Summer Court’s POC representation and the LGBT rep with some of the other courts (and characters that I won’t mention here).

The book begins with Feyre back at the Spring Court, plotting her revenge. Which was beautiful. I found myself outright laughing with every scheme she came up with.  This book brought new characters and introduced us to the High Lords of the other courts. I wasn’t expecting to be introduced to many new characters at all, let alone so many unique characters. SJM has announced that ACOWAR isn’t the last we’ll see of these characters, and I’m 100% down for spin-offs with some of these lovely characters.

I adored Elain and Nesta’s character growth as they became accustomed to their new lifestyles and grew more comfortable with the people around them. Seeing their relationships with the inner circle, and even with their sister, was really entertaining and heartwarming at times.

I was on the edge of my seat towards the end of the book, and I was expecting the events of this book because there really wasn’t any other way to end these novels than with a war (that’s definitely not a spoiler if you’ve read these books). That being said, I couldn’t believe some of the things that happened at the end. SJM really threw me for a loop and definitely tricked me with a few of her twists.

I know, I know. This review is incredibly short. But I can’t help myself. More than anything, I really just want to spoil the whole book for everyone. But since I can’t, this is all I can offer. Unless my firstborn child might convince you to read the book, then you can have it, too.


  • YA Fantasy
  • Written by Sarah J Maas
  • Published by Bloomsbury in May 2017
  • 699 Pages
  • Start Date: May 3, 2017
  • Finish Date: May 6, 2017


  • Plot – 5
  • Characters – 5
  • Writing Style – 5
  • Entertainment Value – 5
  • Cover – 5



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