Top Five Wednesdays: Authors you want to read more from

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It’s definitely going to be difficult to choose five different authors that I want to read more from, considering I tend to be obsessive about an author when I discover a book by them that I enjoy. But I’ll give it a shot!


T5W #1: Amie Kaufman


The only work I’ve read by Amie is the Illuminae series that she co-wrote with Jay Kristoff. The Illuminae series is so incredible and considering she’s 50% of the creative mind behind it, her own individual works have to be just as incredible, right?

T5W #2: Stephanie Garber


Now, I know Stephanie Garber only has her debut novel, Caraval out. But it was literally so good, that I can’t wait to read more from her.

T5W #3: Naomi Novik


I’ve only read Uprooted from Naomi Novik. I’m pretty sure she has another fantasy series that’s pretty well known. Someday I’ll definitely pick it up because I adored Uprooted so much!

T5W #4: Patrick Ness


I’ve read quite a few novels from Patrick Ness, I’m not going to lie. But I know there are a lot more out there that I haven’t touched that I just know I’ll love. I’ve read his Chaos Walking Trilogy and it completely blew me away. And his contemporary novel, The Rest of Us Just Live Here was really quirky and a great read. I can’t wait to get my hands on Release!

T5W #5: Katherine Arden

Katherine Arden - credit Deverie Crystal Photography

Oh my lord, friends. If you haven’t read The Bear and The Nightingale, you’re severely missing out. It’s partially why I haven’t been able to read anything in weeks because I haven’t been able to find a book that satisfies me as much as that book did. Katherine is on this list for the same reason that Stephanie Garber is – I just can’t wait for her to put out more novels. Her talent is incredible!



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