Windwitch Review



“The holiest have the farthest to fall”

Windwitch was supposed to be an April read for me. I started it at the very end of March thinking “hey, it’ll take me a little to read this book so I’ll count it towards my April TBR”. Oh, how wrong I was. I blew through this book (pun intended). A lot of fantasy YA series tend to let me down in the sequel department, but Susan Dennard did no such thing with this one. Windwitch shared all of the beautiful world building and character development that I loved in Truthwitch. We got to know and love a couple of new characters in this one, which was nice… especially because these new characters brought new representation to a world that was already very diverse.

The new character, Cam has vitiligo – a disease that causes a person to lose pigmentation in their skin (like what Michael Jackson had, for reference). I’ve never seen this kind of rep in a novel before, and I was so excited to see that Dennard had included a beautifully unique character.

One of our other newer characters turned out to be an LGBTQ rep (though I won’t say who, because I don’t want to ruin it. Even though it’s a tiny tidbit in the scheme of the story).


The Pretty

As I mentioned about, we added some diversity to an already diverse story, which only goes to show how important a diverse read is and how easy (really not that hard, folks) it is to incorporate to make a story more realistic. We got to see a lot more of Merik in this story, as well as Aeduan who I definitely grew to love. I liked the camaraderie and friendship that develops between Vaness and Safi. This book was all about tieing together the relationships between the villains and events that took place in the story. You start to learn more about who’s doing what and why which cleared up a lot of questions for me but also left me asking many more. I can’t wait for the next book.


The Ugly

I felt like there wasn’t a lot of progress made as far as movement in this story, which bothered me. It felt like a lot of running back and forth. There was too much “let’s go over here, now let’s go over there” without really getting much done. I also had a terrible time trying to keep the information about the Red Sails and the Baedyeds straight, but I think that’s less the books fault and more of mine – but it bothered me nonetheless.

Either way, Bloodwitch will be released in January of 2018, AND I’M SO READY.



  • YA Fantasy
  • Written by Susan Dennard
  • Published by TOR Teen in January 2017
  • 384 Pages
  • Start Date: March 30, 2017
  • Finish Date: April 1, 2017


(The 4.8 rating of this novel was an average combination of the following scores, rounded up to an even number)


  • Plot – 4.5
  • Characters – 5
  • Writing Style – 5
  • Entertainment Value – 5
  • Cover – 4.5

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