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In the aftermath of finishing A Conjuring of Light, I find myself sitting in my office with some Starbucks my boyfriend bribed me with so I would do his laundry, and contemplating how I can make my own future novels as epic as V has made hers. I’m not sure if it will actually happen, or if my novels will just be the typical trash I usually write. But it’s the thought that counts, I guess.

With a fantasy duology scrambling around in my brain, a co-written space opera on the back burner, and a potential dark murder/thriller novel screaming at me every single time I watch a true crime documentary, I suppose there’s plenty of room for potential.

The squad chat is currently full of Twilight, as we compare the characters we thought were beautifully cast against the ones we thought were trash. Why this is still important for us as twenty-somethings I’m not sure, since we clearly left that phase behind a while ago. (Just kidding, you never leave your trashy vamp phase behind, just like you never leave your scene phase behind. Catch me reading New Moon and bopping Skillet for the rest of my life). I’m glad I’ve managed to surround myself with people who unanimously agree that Rob was a trash-cast Edward, which is obviously a sign I’ve found my true friends in life. I hope anyway, since they’ll be driving cross country and crashing in my apartment in a week.

I’ve decided (for probably the umpteenth time) that blogging is something I need to do more regularly, hence this clusterfuck of words I’ve put together. With my recent bipolar diagnosis (which I’m dumbing down because it actually terrifies me and I’m not quite ready to talk about it at length), I’ve taken a month off of work to familiarize myself with my medications and work into the therapeutic dose of mood-stabilizers (200mg !!! Say hello to zombie me), I’ll have plenty of time to practice my blogging habits.

I’m cleaning a lot, getting more invested into Call of Duty for some weird reason, and doing a lot of reading. The time off to get myself better is nice. But I’m having a terrible time keeping busy. When I’m not busy, I freak out. It’s been a hell of a week. So bear with me as I try to find myself through blogging.


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