A Conjuring Of Light Review/Rave





I’m slowly dying inside after reading the final novel of the Darker Shades of Magic trilogy. This series tore me up. The way I described it to all of my friends whom I wanted to suffer along with me, was “the most epic combination of Harry Potter and Doctor Who”. A description which, while making sense, doesn’t do these precious things any justice at all. With a diverse cast of characters, including LGBTQ representation (AND FUCKING PIRATES), I have an intense urge to cradle this book like an infant and present it Lion King style to everyone I meet – bookish, or not.

That being said, while I haven’t blogged a review for any of the other books in this series (or any of the last five book I’ve read for this year’s Goodreads challenge), I have deep rooted need to talk about this book. Without a doubt, there will be some spoilers in this post because I NEED to cry about this book. So for those of you who are just here for the review of this book, read on for just a bit longer and then run far, far away.


The Pretty:

I adored the inclusion of characters that were previously less involved in the story, such as King Maxim and Queen Emira, who both seemed like grumpy parents and not much more until this book. I adored Emira and the insight we got into her past and the reasons for her lack of involvement in the first two books (trying so damn hard not to spoil stuff here). You never really learn about their magic until this book either, which was also very interesting. I enjoyed the small amount of backstory we get for the other two kingdoms, as well as their roles in the saving of London this time around.

Prince Rhy really grows up this time around as well, which was a beautiful story to read in and of itself. The same can be said for Holland, who I grew very attached to by the end of this book. One of my favorite tropes to read in stories is the redemption of the “villain”. Holland is definitely a character you’ll want to hug by the end of this one.


The Ugly:

I wouldn’t really consider this ugly by any means, but I found myself missing Lila in this book a bit. I feel like there wasn’t as much of her as there should have been. But with so many different perspectives included to shed light on so many different situations, it’s understandable why her POV isn’t a heavy as it once was.



  • Fantasy
  • Written by V.E. Schwab
  • Published by TOR Publishing in February 2017
  • 624 Pages
  • Start Date: February 27, 2o17
  • End Date: March 7, 2017




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