An Ember in the Ashes Review


I’d like to start with a special shout out/thank you to one of my best friends, Hannah from bibliosanonymous for snagging a huge load of books for me from SDCC this year, AEITA included!  Now, I know I’m far behind on this particular bandwagon, but better to jump on late than never.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir  was one of those novels that remind me of an orchestra performing a song.  The song starts out slow and right when you’re about to fall asleep in your seat, the music picks up at an alarming pace and where you once were on the verge of unconsciousness you now are totally unable to sleep and will suffer similarly for days to come.

The world Sabaa has built in her novel is well rounded and feels small yet complete.  I kept imagining a mix between Aladdin’s Agrabah and Star War’s Jakku, with a hilariously large version of the giant black box they put the eleventh Doctor in during “Day of the Moon” in season 6.  I swear I felt like I was surrounded by sand while reading this novel, which only further confirms the author’s descriptive ability.

I was a little annoyed by the love triangle aspect that YA books always seem to include, but its inclusion didn’t take away from the main storyline or take over the book entirely, so I can’t grumble about it much.  Also, while the story itself is told from two perspectives (Laia and Elias), I’m pretty sure Laia is supposed to be the main MC, and I felt myself drawn to Elias’s storyline more.  Which sometimes made it difficult to attach myself to Laia’s troubles when all I cared about was Elias and what was happening to him.  Though, this isn’t a flaw with the novel… just a personal preference that I felt the need to share.

Overall, if you love books with rebellion, evil Mommys, torture, and magic – this one is a book you definitely want to snag on your next trip to Barnes and Noble, or throw in your next Amazon cart.


bookbindngs rates this: 4.0


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