Welcome to bookbindngs: the spur of the moment brain child of a wanna-be YA author!

Okay.  This is officially happening this time.  God knows how many emails I’ve corrupted with the spam mail of blog sites I’ll never use, thanks to those other cough “spur of the moment brain children”.  To be honest, my love for reading has grown an overpowering amount in the last couple of years, and rather than keep that love to myself, I thought “why not share it?”

I’ve tried my hand at bookstagram-ing, and thanks to my lack of motivation, it flopped rather gracefully into a pool of equally unsuccessful accounts I’ve held in the past for various reasons.  But I’ll be plucking it’s sad, half-drowned ass out of that pool and reviving it with what will be an active blog (just as soon as I get batteries in my Nikon again).

I hope to use this blog as a way to connect with other obsessively bookish people like myself, as well as to review and talk about some of my favorite (and least favorite) novels, share my own YA experiences, and possibly advise (though I’m hardly qualified) other wanna-be’s on the writing and revision process.

Welcome aboard.  We’ll probably sink and drown, but whatever.

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